"No one has ever made me feel so comfortable nude and I've never seen my eczema scars, stretch marks and body hair in such a lovely light. Taken on film, Ella is there for every part of the process. One of the beautiful things about Ella (and there are many) is that when she tells you that you are a goddess, you feel it, and you just know she means it. Everything she does comes from a place of love. I can't recommend the experience enough!"

Erin, Gold Coast - Natural Light Studio

"My shoot was nothing but a positive experience! It was my first ever nude shoot and Ella made me feel comfortable the whole time, always checking in to make sure I’m happy with the poses. The final outcome was amazing. My photos are beautiful and I came away from the whole experience feeling a whole new self love for my body! "

Jaz, Gold Coast - Natural Light Studio

"Shooting with Ella was a much needed breath of fresh air. If you have the chance to work with her, take it.

During the shoot, my body was allowed to exist as beautiful; I felt free from the patriarchal spectrum for femme bodies which ranges from "real women have curves" to "ugh she needs to lose weight" . My body wasn't carved and fetishised, I didn't hear any comments about my body regarding its size or lack there of. I'm a non binary person who struggles with disordered eating, so it was refreshing to feel beautiful in the moment and explore femininity without a male gaze. Ella gave actually useful instructions for pose adjustments and clearly knew what she was doing. She was really warm and open, talking with her and having coffee after was absolutely lovely.

Shooting while nude is so vulnerable and Ella was respectful, understanding and supportive. She was great when it came to communication and I love the way the photos turned out! I would definitely jump at the opportunity to shoot with her again, Ella is an amazing artist and human being"

Jenny, New York - Nature (in her bedroom)

"It is a nerve wracking thing to be photographed nude, but it is also brave. You go out there, take your clothes off for a camera to capture it. But it doesn't feel uncomfortable at all when you work with Ella, she makes the whole process fun and easy.

Book in with Ella to create some beautiful photos of your wonderful self, and maybe during the process you'll be surprised at how comfortable you can be in front of the camera.
It's not about nudity after all, it's just to enjoy yourself, have fun and spend great time in a lovely company. Bonus is - you are going to have a piece of art that you helped to create and you can hang it on your wall :) And boy are you going to be amazed how beautiful you are. I still can't believe it is me in photos when I see them!"

Valeria, Gold Coast - Natural Light Studio

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