Presented on the grounds of HOTA Gallery, the yarning circle shared treasured knowledge from four cultures of fibre and textile practices with expert women artists. This was a day for all to join in and exchange stories, culture and art. The women artists involved in this event were:

Libby Harward is a descendant of the Ngugi people of Mulgulpin in the Quandamooka (Moreton Island) area. She has reached national acclaim for her performance-based activism and public art projects.

Lisa Sorbie-Martin is a proud Torres Strait Islander woman, renowned for her textiles, prints, sculptures and public art projects. Lisa connects art with storytelling to share culture.

Whatu Manuwa is a local collective of textile artists who have brought Maori weaving practices to the Gold Coast. Learn how they weave intricate tukutuku to form Pataka. Mary Elizabeth Barron returned to art later in life once her children grew up. Mary draws from a European tradition of specialising in creating delicate Bobbin Lace with recycled plastic bags.

Image credit: Ellamay Fitzgerald

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