- Artistic photoshoots that embrace self love, empowerment and body positivity -


The Self Love Project offers one-on-one personalised photoshoots, open to ALL WOMEN & INDIVIDUALS who want to embrace self love and appreciation, as well as body confidence and positivity. It embraces diversity, for people of all different sizes, ages, genders and ethnicities. My goal while making you feel comfortable in your own skin, is for you to walk away from a self love photoshoot feeling empowered and with a sense of pride of your own individuality.

Whether you are wanting to re-connect with yourself, share a gift to your partner, maternity shoots, been through a challenging time or even experienced trauma, self love photoshoots are for everyone. The Self Love Project supports BLM, LGBTQ+ and all bodies!


Self love photoshoots allow a safe space to be photographed nude, semi nude or boudoir. I will work one-on-one with you, to produce personalised images that are natural, beautiful and artistic. With 8 years experience photographing clients just like yourself, I will help you feel at ease posing in front of the camera. It is my mission to make you feel confident & capture your unique story!

All images will be photographed on analogue film with the options of colour or B+W. Why film? Film is my area of specialisation. I choose to shoot film over digital due to its soft, natural and raw aesthetic. Film is also a slower process, making you focus on each individual photograph taken. This means you will end up with a variety of different images, the saying is quality over quantity! 


- New photography studio coming 2021! -
Whether you would like to be photographed in nature or within the comfort of your own home, a self love shoot can be set up anywhere!  With the option of a portable backdrop & working with the magic that is natural light, I will help style and create a unique setting for you. If you're not sure where to begin, get in touch and I can help you decide the perfect location.


Have you ever wanted to be covered in flowers, draped in silk and stepping into your inner goddess? Props are beautiful way to help tell your story. After photographing many clients, I have acquired some unique fabrics, backdrops and props for you to use at no extra cost. I also encourage clients to be as creative as they like - therefore bringing your own props are always a good idea!

The most popular props are fresh flowers. For this reason I have teamed up with a local florist that can source unique flora at an additional cost. It's easy - you tell me your flora budget (e.g $45), preferred flowers / colours & i'll organise it for you!


Video is a beautiful medium to further tell your story. Similar to a self love photoshoot, each video is professionally crafted and tailored to each individual. The outcome is an artistic and unique short video that you can treasure forever. Whether your vision is pure visuals accompanied with music, or voice recordings, you decide what's best for you. 

Affordable packages available when you book any Self Love Photoshoot!


Every self love shoot is different depending on your vision and desired outcome. For this reason I have put together unique and packages to suit each individual. If you don't know where to start or have further questions, feel free to get in touch and we'll start the journey together!


Ph: 0401 529 602


"No one has ever made me feel so comfortable nude and I've never seen my eczema scars, stretch marks and body hair in such a lovely light. Taken on film, Ella is there for every part of the process. One of the beautiful things about Ella (and there are many) is that when she tells you that you are a goddess, you feel it, and you just know she means it. Everything she does comes from a place of love. I can't recommend the experience enough!"

Erin, Gold Coast 

"My shoot was nothing but a positive experience! It was my first ever nude shoot and Ella made me feel comfortable the whole time, always checking in to make sure I’m happy with the poses. The final outcome was amazing. My photos are beautiful and I came away from the whole experience feeling a whole new self love for my body! "

Jaz, Gold Coast 

"Shooting with Ella was a much needed breath of fresh air. If you have the chance to work with her, take it.

During the shoot, my body was allowed to exist as beautiful; I felt free from the patriarchal spectrum for femme bodies which ranges from "real women have curves" to "ugh she needs to lose weight" . My body wasn't carved and fetishised, I didn't hear any comments about my body regarding its size or lack there of. I'm a non binary person who struggles with disordered eating, so it was refreshing to feel beautiful in the moment and explore femininity without a male gaze. Ella gave actually useful instructions for pose adjustments and clearly knew what she was doing. She was really warm and open, talking with her and having coffee after was absolutely lovely.

Shooting while nude is so vulnerable and Ella was respectful, understanding and supportive. She was great when it came to communication and I love the way the photos turned out! I would definitely jump at the opportunity to shoot with her again, Ella is an amazing artist and human being"

Jenny, Brooklyn New York 

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