An artistic photoshoot that embraces self love, empowerment and body positivity.


Who is it for?
A Self Love Photoshoot is a one-on-one personalised photoshoot, open to all women who want to embrace self love and appreciation, as well as body confidence and positivity. It is for women of all different shapes and sizes, ages and ethnicities. My goal is for you to and walk away from the photoshoot feeling empowered and comfortable in your own skin. 

What is involved?
This is a nude or semi nude photoshoot, within nature or a relaxed studio environment with natural lighting. I will work one-on-one with you, to produce personalised images that are natural, beautiful and artistic. All images will be photographed on analogue film with the options of colour or B+W. I can provide a number of props for you to use such as plant foliage and fabrics, however you are welcome to bring your own - I encourage you to be as creative as you like!

Are the photographs edited?
To keep the the soft and natural aesthetic of film, photographs will not be re-touched. However, any images that need slight adjusting (such as cropping, adjusting highlights and shadows) will be done at no extra cost.

Why analogue film and what is the process?
Film is my area of specialisation. I choose to shoot film over digital due to its soft, natural and raw aesthetic. Film is also a slower process, making you focus on each individual photograph taken. This means you will end up with a variety of different images, the saying is quality over quantity! 

Your film is lovingly developed at a local photography lab, Shibui Film. After development your negatives will be scanned to digital files at high resolution. This process is all included in the cost. 
We also have a Fine Art Printing lab in house, Smalltown Artlab, where you can have your images printed and framed at an additional cost (see details below).

How much will it cost?
1 hour session, 1 roll of film, $250

1.5 hour session, 2 rolls of film, $350

2 hour session, 3 rolls of film, $450

Print & Frame: The cost to have an image printed and framed ranges from $90 - $195 depending on the size of the print. Please enquire through email for an exact quote

How long until I receive the photographs?
The turn around time is typically 2 weeks. You will be receive an email link to an online personalised gallery (password protected), where you are able to view and download images at high resolution. 

Do you do group sessions?
YES! Whether it be with a group of friends or with a partner I would love to help bring your vision to life. With couples please note I will only photograph artistic nudes and not any sexualised imagery. 


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